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    Does anyone knw if there is a way to manually move sample hits around a slot on version 3.7 MR3? I know you can select a sample hit on the cad, right click it and it will give you the options of adding deleteing or user defined hits, but I can't figuire out how to use this option. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you !

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    i'm still using 3.5 but i thought you could click and drag the little green arrows to where you want the sample hits taken in 3.7??


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      I had asked this question a short time ago with no luck.

      Yes, you are supposed to be able to "drag" the sample hits.

      The trouble is on my machine, a B&S mistral 07/07/05, using v3.7mr3, I could drag the hits but they would not stay there. Why???????????

      When the "sma" folks did it, they were able to retain the new locations.

      I too would appreciate help on this one.



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        I thought so too. I can drag them on a hole, but they won't budge on a slot. Even when I drag them on a hole they all move at the same time. Whats the point inn that? I can just change the number in "spacer" to do that.


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          I've been able to move the points individually, but if I go back and edit the feature after running it I get the PCDLRN error. Tech support was no help, they just said it must be the CAD file, even though they could duplicate the problem. Money well spent.

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            do you have this "user defined hit" selected?
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              OK. Thanks Winston. I got the hole to work useing the sheets Winston attached. But the slots will not budge. I have emailed B & S and I am waiting for a response. I will let anyone that is interested know whatever I find out. Thanks again!


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                Yes, I drag the sample hits around all the time. It works really well. a few tips:
                1) grab the leader before the hit to move.
                2) center the view using the icons in the menu box
                3) use the proper work plane

                all these and practice help to make 3.7 mr3 a very effective tool.



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                  If you drag the whole pattern, drag from the other end.
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                    Have you successfully moved the sample points with a slot?


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