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  • Problem with Ver 3.7MR3

    I Installed PCDMIS Ver3.7MR3 today and I'm having a problem. I need to be able to have 3.5MR2 Avaiable if I need it. I backed up all of my files first, then installed 3.7mr3 in it's own directory. I copied all of my programs and the comp.dat,downl.oad files,probe files to 3.7mr3. Here is my problem when I set the search path in 3.7mr3 to the directory that 3.7mr3 is in, it changes it in the 3.5mr2's search path as well, which is in it's own directory. This has never happened to me before when I have updated in the past the same way. What am I doing wrong?
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    Yep, it does that

    I do not know what version you were using in the past that played nicer, but yes it does that now. If you need to run 3.5 now you will have to reset your paths when you open 3.5 and then when you switch back to 3.7 you will have to reset them again. If you feel like saying ugly things about the developers of the software you won't be the first.
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      What I do is install each version in its own directory but set the search path to a common PCDMIS directory, that way no matter which version I start up all my probes are held in the sme area.

      p.s. I don't update probes to latest version when prompted to do so, that way 3.2063 and 3.7 can use same probe library.
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        The problem with doing that is it corrupts my probe files. I have them in their own directory so how does it update both probe files that are in different directorys? Also when I first open PCDMIS it some how is defalted to look in the ver 3.7mr3 directory when I open ver3.5mr2
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          If you don't update the probe file to the latest format, how does/will that affect your results. What changes do the update do? Does anyone know?
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            Set up 3.7mr3 the way you want it and then shut it down. Go to the registry and find the where the paths are saved. Export that branch as "37mr3paths.reg"

            Now run the old program, reset those paths the way you want them and do the same thing in the registry. ie. "3.5 paths.reg"

            Before you run either version, double click on the reg file that you assigned for that version and the paths will be restored for the session.
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