datum tolerance in 4.1 profile composite

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  • datum tolerance in 4.1 profile composite

    It's been awhile since my 4.1 class. Can't read my own notes. Can anyone tell me how to change the tolerance of an already defined datum? Elsewhere in the dimensioning the feature (a hole) is toleranced at +/- .004.

    The composite report shows the tolerance as +/-.0004.

    Where is this line?
    B&S Microhite v2012 cad++

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    I think this is what you're looking for ...

    Edit the Dim (F9)
    Go to the advanced tab
    Select the feature at the bottom of the screen
    I believe you can adjust the noms and tols in that window

    I can't seem to find a program with a profile tol using datums to test it though.


    Global Image 555
    PC-DMIS Cad ++
    Win7 64 bit


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      thanks - that worked

      not a very intuitive utility, but it's there

      thanks again
      B&S Microhite v2012 cad++


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