64 Bit XP, Pc-dmis and Datapage issues

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  • 64 Bit XP, Pc-dmis and Datapage issues

    Loaded up a puter for a client, rockin system, but 64 bit XP.

    First issue came up on loading the DAO, which links the interactive help file inside of Pc-Dmis. It failed and appears to have no fix for 64 bit, and it considered obsolete by Microsoft.

    The next isse was loading Datapage, normally your user ID (not your Authorization code) gets inserted in, you put in your Auth code and away you go...not so now. Also, after loading, Editor doesn't work, at all. It gave me an error, can't remember exactly what it said, but again I think is 64 bit related.

    I tried reloading both softwares, in different orders, tried many things, so please don't ask me stuff like, "Did you re-boot the computer ?"

    Just wondering if anyone else has 64 bit XP running with these applications, if so, how did you get things to work ?

    Datapage 3.32

    Don't F_ing suggest a newer version of Pc-dmis, thanks though....

    Thanks for any experiences and tips...


    Jim Jewell

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    The Datapage Editor contains 16-bit code and will not run on any 64 bit system. I'm assuming the DAO has similarities.



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      DAO is required to create the MS Access database that pcdmis could use. If you do not need this then do not worry about DAO.


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        Thats good to know, it was my uneducated guess before, thanks for clearing that up.
        It does seem strange that on this new install, anytime you hit "F1" for interactive help, "poof". Blown out....Could this have anything to do with the 64 bit ???

        I think we may have to resort to a system wipe back to XP Pro and complete re-install.....bummer
        Jim Jewell


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          Jim, the only F1 help crash we're aware of is the IE7 related one (http://www.pcdmisforum.com/showthread.php?t=3753).


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            Thanks much guys, I will have my client try that, that sounds like the issue.
            They do have IE 7 installed.
            Jim Jewell


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              An update to all my above stuff :

              If anyone is buying a new system for their CMM, make sure they load Win XP Pro, NOT, 64 bit Vista...

              There are many things not supported well, especially Datapage and only God knows what other Demons may arise out of Pc-demon...
              Jim Jewell


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                Well, lets see, I noticed something in my XP-PRO (32 bit) system that might help you with the 64-bit system. Since I do not have the 64-bit XP, this is just a guess, but in the 32-bit system, you can tell Windoze to emulate as far back as windoze 95. Can you do this same thing with the 64-bit version? If you can, I would think it might fix the problem you are having.
                Originally posted by AndersI
                I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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