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  • V4.3

    Originally posted by nkayWAI View Post
    Hi James, I don't think V4.1 is being classed as a maintainance release, certainly from a code perspective it was not from the V4.0 code stream. I think simply V4.0 didn't have an MR because V4.1 was ready soon(ish) after. i.e. If V4.1 needs an MR, there would be an V4.1 MR1.

    The next release proper after V4.1 will be V4.2 later this year(2006), and then V4.3, which will be the first release of 2007. I've not heard reference to a V5.0 yet!!
    Is this still accurate???
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    No, at their ftp site the only ones listed are up to 4.2 if they were working on a 4.3 I think it would be on there?

    James Mannes


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      certainly don't hold your breath for it......heck we didn't even get 4.2 yet and its 2007 now

      I did hear that 4.2 is in RC status (release candidate)

      It will probably be released (my opinion only) before the next usergroup meeting sometime in March. That version will be the topic of the meeting for sure, if it gets blessed by B&S by then.

      That is the typical history of the last few usergroups here in WI
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        There are no more MR's. They have gone back to a numbering system, like they had BEFORE the MR's. V3.2063, V3.25, etc., then came V3.5 with MR's and now that they are to V4, they have gone back to 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, etc. So far they have not gone beyond 1 decimal place, but (for now) the MR designation is gone. You can look at V4.1 as V4.0 MR1 and V4.2 as V4.0 MR2.
        Originally posted by AndersI
        I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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          3.25 MR3 is STILL the best !

          I hate reading all these threads regarding 3.7 and above, sometimes.

          hahahahahahahahaha, ROFL...
          Jim Jewell


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            Yes, V4.3 is in development for release later this year (versions only generally get put onto the ftp when the test cycle starts)

            MRs have not been cancelled, they will still be produced if it's felt neccessary.
            The testing process is continually being improved, using new test tools (in some cases automated) and extra resources allocated, so we would inherently hope the need for issuing MR releases diminishes.

            V4.1 is based on a different source code stream to V4.0, and has significant enhancements, so can't really be considered a V4.0 MR1. MRs are just critical bug fixes in the specific release source code stream.


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              Originally posted by nkayWAI View Post
              Yes, V4.3 is in development for release later this year (versions only generally get put onto the ftp when the test cycle starts)
              Great, but when is V4.2 coming out? It is nice to hear that testing is improving, but it seems that official releases are now grinding to a halt. Does this mean that if and when 4.2 comes, it will be a lot better than anything we have seen before????? I was told that November was the release date, and here we are in February, and still waiting. I heard that recently another build was send out for testing, so we are again waiting.

              I need bugs to V4.1 fixed, plus I need new functionality that you will release in V4.2. The wait is getting quite excessive...

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