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    I came in this morning and the IT guy had installed 3.7 mr2 after I left last night. Now when I try to run a program it will not let me get past the second point of the plane. I execute, take the first two points, then it will not read the third. I tried hitting done to see what would happen and it just seems to lock everything up.

    Also, there is a red arrow in front of the pln1 label, what is that and is it causing problems?

    Upgrade was from 3.5mr2

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    No the red arrow is one of the new bells and whistles in that version. It is just showing where the program ended. Its pretty cool I think, This way when you stop for some editing its shows you the spot.

    Not sure why it wont take point. Put cursor before of after that plane and try taking another plane, if that works delete the old one.
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      The red arrow shows up at the point you exited the program. This can be helpful if you don't remember where you left off in a program. The red arrow is your friend.
      I wish that I could be more helpful with your problem of the machine not measuring a plane. After I installed 3.7 MR2, I had to "f9" every feature to recreate it. I hope that someone else has a better answer for you.
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        Jst retake the point is the quickest way to fix it. MR2 does weird stuff. I like MR3 much better


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          another question

          If we just updated our sma, why did they give us 3.7 mr2 instead of mr3? Aren't you supposed to get the latest version with your sma? Is mr3 more stable than mr2 or should I just stick with mr2?
          Kinda wish I had stayed with 3.5 mr2, at least I knew what didn't work with that.



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            Hey Rusty, you can download MR3 from the B&S/Hexagon/Wilcox website(s) or you can call tech support and tell them to send you a disc. Yes MR3 is more stable. I have been using it for some time now and it just shuts down far less than MR2. I have not had any issues with MR3. Some have, but . . . there are some flaws with every version I have worked with since 3.2063. HTH
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