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    I HAVE A STEP CAD FILE THAT PC-DMIS WONT MARRY INTO. I can open the model using VIS-MOCK(all looks good) but when i try to import into a program< i get the dreded pc-dmis error and kicks me out. I have used plenty of step models in the past. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (USING 3.7MR3)

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    Try one of two things. Try cleaning up the model a bit and re-exporting out...I use Transmagic with much success. Also, you could try to IGES out. I know step is much better, but sometimes you gotta do it. I get the odd step file that does the same thing.
    Jim Jewell


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      Couple of things you could to try.

      If your CAD model can be broken down into smaller chunks that may also help. (i.e. bring in one component at a time if possible or cut it up before exporting it)

      You might also try increasing your tessellation value in PCDMIS before importing the file also. After its in you can lower it back down so things still look nice.

      Ive also been taking with the guys at TransMagic as well, as a result of these very same problems.
      Mr. Comment
      SCIROCCO-NT 13-20-10
      B3C-LC Controller (Leitz Protocol), SP600M, TP200
      PCDMIS CAD++ v4.3 MR1(Build: 12/11/08)


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        thanks all


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