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    I am fairly new to operator mode. The way it is set-up now is that when the operators log-on to windows, operator mode is opened automatically and when it is closed, windows will log-off. My question is this: Is this an operator mode feature or part of windows. The reason I ask is that I did a nice new program yesterday on one of our machines. I was logged-in, ran a bunch of parts, no problem. Well later on, the operators logged-in and TRIED to run my new program. It did not run at all. Probe took off and tried to measure something a foot away. I logged back in, ran the program just fine. I logged off and operator couldn't run. My issue is I tried to open up the program in program mode, but I can't beacause operator mode is loading automatically. Is this something I can change??

    Hope this is clear enough. Any questions, let me know.

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    Probably need the same login name for this. Doesnt PCMDIS create a user that is based on the currently logged in person??

    maybe you need to set your paths to a common folder or something like that.
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      Yes it logs off everytime. I don't know if that can be changed, if it can I don't know how. As far as operator mode launching everytime you log on you need to remove it from your startup menu. That is why it launches everytime you log on. Start > Programs > Startup. Remove it from there and just throw an icon for it on the desktop so it can be accessed that way instead.
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        Operator mode and online mode is on the same login for me here. Logging off is a default feature of the operator mode. So far, I have not heard anyone able to go around this other than having another piece of software open. We have SPC software running in the background, and this seems to stop the computer from logging off automatically.

        That being said, I think my config would work because it's sharing the same user login. If you have two different logins, then I'm assuming the settings are different between the two.
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          Thanks for all the help.


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