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    Is there a quick way to change probes from a rack without having to go into program and execute that line? I know to index to a different angle, you can double-click from the drop down box on the desired angle and that will change the angle anytime. This CMM has no HCU1 so that works great for angle changes, but when programming I tend to miss a few things. It would be nice when checking more features with an angle already used, you don't have to search for the line or put in an additional probe change in the program.
    using V3.7MR3

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    You can do it by hand with care. The trickiest part is getting the one you are removing properly seated and rotated in it's slot, but if you pay attention to detail and are gentle it is easy enough to do. HTH

    P.S. In the future it helps us to help you if you provide all the particulars, like in this case it might make a big difference if you have a tp20 rack vs a tp200 rack etc. And for the record the tp20 and tp200 are the only ones I have experience with and can speak of. I think the sp25 and other scanning probes have racks that work the same as the tp20/200 but I do not know that for a fact.
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      I was trying to avoid that way; our other CMM has no rack for now so we do them manually. Lining up in the rack manually has worked, but using the rack by command is great.

      Particulars = TP200, PH10M, 6 slot SCR200, Wenzel .

      using V3.7MR3


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