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    I am trying to set up a probe. I have to use a 3mm by 13mm cylinder (Renishaw part number M-5000-4153).
    I have a TesaStar-i head. The cylinder is physically connected to the head by a convert to M2 thread adapter.
    When I am trying to set up my probe, I chose the TesiStar-i head. Then I chose the CONVERT_TO_M2THRD. That is as far as I can get in my setting up. The 3mm by 13mm cylinder is not in the dropdown of probes that I can chose from.
    How can I either find the probe in the program or how can I create it?

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    Well you can create one. If you already have a cylinder in your drop down that is a different size you are most of the way there. But before we go into that, do you know the potential problems caused by using cylinder probes? If they are not perfectly square you can get bad data from them. Sometimes they are your best bet and they can be used but you need to be aware that most of the time a sphere will serve you better.

    To create an new tip open your probe.dat file and copy the tip closest to what you need. Paste that into word or notebook or any texteditor and alter the dims you need then copy and paste back into the probe file. I think the help menu has some information on this as well.

    Lastly, I live in Atascocita. I work for Knust. Who are you working for in Humble? Welcome to the forum neighbor!
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      I am measuring plastic that is between .018 and .055 inches thick, so I need a cylinder.
      I work for CDI seals on Rankin Rd. right off of 59.
      Thank you for your time, and the welcome to the neightborhood.
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        Well, really only if the edge of the plastic you are measuring is uneven. If it is flat or could be restrained flat you could use a .5mm or ever a .3mm ball to take hits on the edge. Without knowing the geometry you are trying to check or setup, etc it is hard to say. I suppose there is good reason not to use a comparator?

        Did you get the cylinder tip working? There has been posted in the past a detailed document about how to define tips in the probe file. I do not know how well versed in the dark arts of pc-dmis you are. I can post the doc and or help you write a tip file for your cylinder if that is what you need.

        I know where Rankin road is, very well. How far are you from the Baker Hughes facility out there?
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