Carry Nominals Back To The Feature?

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  • Carry Nominals Back To The Feature?

    Any time I say yes to "CARRY NOMINALS BACK TO THE FEATURE?" I am stoped and will have to wait as much as 5 min. so far while it "loads report".
    Does anyone know of a way around this?

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    Do you need to say yes? I mean by doing that your THEO and TARGET are changed.
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      Are you running the program off of a network drive? It sounds like some of the issues I was having when I was trying to run programs that were not stored on my local (CMM P.C.) hard drive.
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        Instead of saying yes you could change the nominals of the feature yourself after saying no, but I cant see it being any quicker


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          Does the program keep trying to Load the Report over and over again? If it does, try waiting it out and saving your program and closing PCDMIS all the way out and then re-opening the program. This has worked for me. Annoying but it may work for you.
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            Do you have your company Logo inbedded in your report? If you do turn it OFF. Those BMP files take FOREVER to save and read in. I leave mine off at all times and manually paste it back into the RTF file when my run is over and I'm ready to print the report.



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              Also in your set up you can turn off the warning. And like Tony mentioned; I change the nominals myself so I know they are correct. Because choosing yes I have seen some weird things happen before. HMMMMMMMMMMMM


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