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    I have a questions that has been probably asked in the past. I can't seem to find the answer.
    Is there a specific order in which the probe should calibrate?
    What I mean is should the main calibration come from the probe at A0, B0? When I go to calibrate the tips, the head moves to A7.5,B0. Then it calibrates fine. I thought i read somewhere that A0,B0 is like the home position for calibration.
    If this is the case, how can I get it to calibrate A0,B0 first, then go on and calibrate the rest of the angles?

    B. Jacobs
    B&S Global 12.15.10

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    I've seen that in the past. No idea why.
    If its a new probe file i'll highlight A0,B0 & calibrate. I'll then highlight the rest & move on after calibration.
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      Same here, as "bw bob" says,

      I will also (out of habit) calibrate tip at A0,B0, then hight light and calibrate the rest.

      I'm not sure if possibly one of our gurus out there in cyberspace may have an appropriate "why?".

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        Originally posted by bw_bob View Post
        I've seen that in the past. No idea why.
        If its a new probe file i'll highlight A0,B0 & calibrate. I'll then highlight the rest & move on after calibration.
        This is what I generally do. Just didn't know if it made any difference.
        B. Jacobs
        B&S Global 12.15.10


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          A0B0 is used to relate one tip angle to another tip angle. So, if you measure A0B0 and then A90B0 it says to itself, hmm, A90B0 tip is here in relation to A0B0. Then if you measure A0B0 and A90B90 it says, hmm, A90B90 tip is here in relation to A0B0. So now, it can say, hmm, A90B0 is here in relation to A90B90.

          It is also used to relate one tip to another as in two different tips on two different tp20 modules.

          I always calibrate A0B0 first. You can get it to calibrate it first by checking the box marked "user defined calibration order" in the probe utilities window. Then, select A0B0 (a 1 will appear next to it) then select the additional angles you want to calibrate (2,3, etc will appear next to them).

          BTW, I don't think it matters if you do it first or second or 53rd (don't quote me on this) but I always do it first anyway. Mostly because taking that manual hit is a lot easier than if it were at A30B337.5!
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            Probe Utility -| User Defined Calibration Order-| ... select Angles by order -|Calibrate

            Especialy for the startips I'm using this often...

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              Like Goodluck says...

              A0B0 is used to calculate offset of stylus center from where it screws on to the probe head (PH9, PH10, etc.) and will include any extensions attached (probe, stylii, adapters, etc.) so that subsequent tip attitudes knows where or how to approach the artifact.

              It's a good practice to start calibration routine with this angle for new probe description or currently used probe files.
              PC-DMIS CAD++ 3.7 from 4.2 MR1


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