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  • PCDMIS and Sheffield Machines

    We are preparing to purchase PCDMIS and a Sheffield D28. Anyone have experience with this machine's performance and how it does with the software?

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    We currently have a D-12 and have no problems with it at all.

    It's actually is pretty nice...
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      We have three machines - Sheffield D-12, Sheffield D-28, and a Mitutoyo Bright. All three have been retro-fitted with PC-DMIS 4.1 CAD and all three run great.

      We have no problems running PC-DMIS CAD with our Sheffield machines, but during our recent PC-DMIS CAD ++ class, we discovered that the Sheffield controller may have a problem with a few of the scan features avaiable with the CAD++ software. In particular, we had trouble getting the machine to avoid holes when conducting a patch scan. I am not sure if the training machine had problems, if this is a 4.1 issue that will be fixed in the future, or if it is a controller problem. Since we do not have these features activated on our software, we are unable to try to duplicate the problem.

      Overall, I think that you will be happy with your decision to use the Sheffield and PC-DMIS combo!



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        I do not think the Sheffield controllers will allow analogue scanning.
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