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    I have a program (that has not been modified in over a year) that uses a star probe.While running the program, 3 of 4 angles constructed from cylinders suddenly began reporting out of spec even on a previously measured "good" part. I have replaced both probes and qualified the tips and cleaned the part. I have also made sure that the probe is not shanking while measuring any of the holes. Does anyone have any ideas about what could be wrong?

    The changes in the angles varied between .5 - 2 degrees
    There have been no software changes

    Head - Using a SP600M
    Software - PC-Dmis CAD++ 3.5 MR2
    Machine - Brown & Sharpe Global
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    How much difference in the measurements ??
    Has machine been recently calibrated or been crashed ???
    Have you updated software recently ??
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      along with what bw_bob said

      Have you installed a newer version of pcdmis?

      please do us all a favor and enter some critical info into your profile so we can help you better.....details regarding software version, machine type/brand/model....ya know the stuff that is important to finding an answer
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