Creating a probe (link to someone elses question)

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  • Creating a probe (link to someone elses question)

    Help LilRobbie out

    I know others know this far better than I.
    When in doubt, post code. A second set of eyes might see something you missed.

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    solution to other post??

    Originally Posted by LiLRobbieB View Post
    I am trying to create a probe to start creating programs. The probe that I need doesn't fit the probe head. I am using a thread adapter and I don't see it in the drop down that I can choose from. What do I do?

    What compoents are you trying to attach?

    What proe head are you using? and what probe are you trying to fit to it?

    The pieces are designed to only fit certain other components. i.e. you can't aattach an M2 threaded stylus directly to the end of a PH9, it needs a prope (TP2) in between).


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