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  • usrprobe.dat

    tech support sent me a usrprobe.dat file to create a cylinder probe that wasn't in the list of probe tips in the Probe Utilities window. Where do I put this file to have the probe tip appear in the Probe Description list? Do I need to reload something? I put the file in c:\pcdmisw41 but I don't see the tip as an option.


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    Custom Probes

    The file must be named USRPROBE.DAT It is not case sensitive, I just did that for emphasis.

    It must be in the same folder as PC-DMIS is installed, and you should see another called PROBE.DAT

    PC-DMIS loads them both at startup.

    An example of a probe might look like this -

    ribcount 10
    color 255 0 0
    cutsphere 0 0 0 0 0 1 18 2 -10000
    hotspot 0 0 0 0 0 1 18 18 ball

    So you would look in the list for the string "TIP18MMSPHERE" when searching for this component, but only after you've selected a previous component which supports an M2 thread attachment. In other words, you select the wrist first (ie. PH10MQ), the autojoint next, the probe (i.e. TP2) and then the stylus. You cannot try to select these out of order, it only shows components which attach to the previously selected item.
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      I agree with Don. Also remember to set Calibration Mode to User Definedwith 2 levels. Start angle = 0 and End angle = 90. Good luck!


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        Just to add to all that....Be sure that any created probes are saved in the usrprobe.dat file and not the probe.dat file. Anytime you do an upgrade, the probes you've created and put in probe.dat will not be saved. Also, I'm not 100% sure, but, I think you actually have to create the usrprobe.dat file. I don't think it exists in the PC-Dmis Folder from default.
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