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    We have machine mistral 070705 with computer at 4 years old minimium (Dell Precision 530).

    I need to prepared any ofert for bosses with new computer.
    Can I find any tips for configuration, or is it any recomended Dell model for:
    Machine: Mistral 070705
    Probe Head Controller: PHC10-2

    We are using also SPC light and during transfer data between sdd server and spc monitor system sometimes not response for few minutes.
    Sometimes also affects the data and creates additional files in Suspect folder.

    thank you for your eventual sugestions.
    sigpiclearn to fly, fly to live, or die...
    PC-DMIS 3.7MR3 & 4.3MR2
    MISTRAL 070705

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    We use 3 Machines. Each one is a Dell Precision 470 with a 3.2 Gigahertz Processor and an NVIDIA Quadro FX 1400 Video Adapter/Card, 1 Gig of Ram. We have had no problems with running two Brown and Sharp Machines and one old Retrofitted Cordax RS-30. The Only Problems are the normal Software glitches everyone else has seen.
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      I found also a lot of explenations from archaive (last year).
      but really thank you for that.
      sigpiclearn to fly, fly to live, or die...
      PC-DMIS 3.7MR3 & 4.3MR2
      MISTRAL 070705


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        Do you make programs from 3D CAD models?

        If yes, one word of advice: do NOT buy a cheap video card! Money spent on a good (and of course Hexagon recommended) video card, is probably the best money you are going to spend.

        I had a bad card and had to wait very long sometimes. Now I have a good card and the waiting is drastically reduced!

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          Yes Jan,

          we create also program with CAD MODELS for Autoliv parts, but that cad files (after PC-Dmis conversion) doesn't have more that 2 MB.

          There is no problem with rotating, or zooming.

          More dificult is roll down or up the program. During this some part of my screan loose sign in text mode, and in graphic mode labels also doesn't look, as they
          I should also say that problem (not correctly refresh) appears after that when we define more that 400 elements ( I already hate that comunicate!), for stering some pressed parts.
          Graphic card which we had already are: NVIDIA Quadro2 Pro
          sigpiclearn to fly, fly to live, or die...
          PC-DMIS 3.7MR3 & 4.3MR2
          MISTRAL 070705
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            Jan, what card do you have? I am trying to convince my boss that a $100 card is not good enough. I have a chance at getting a new pc and he wants to throw in this cheap PNY-FX card.
            thanks Mike
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              PCDMIS video card support! More like lack of support.

              I have a 3Dlabs Wildcat Realizm 500 video card, it works out very nice for actual CAD software, but only has acceptable PCDMIS support.

              Unfortunately PCDMIS isnt a video card friendly software package. Adjusting your PCDMIS OpenGL settings to actually use your video card's hardware acceleration will soon prove that.

              My advice would be to spend more money on your CPU and RAM. Also dont make the mistake of getting hung up on multi processor CPUs as PCDMIS doenst support more then one CPU at a time anyway, but increased single thread CPU power will translate to increased PCDMIS performance.

              My computer came with a Core 2 duo 6600 CPU, and 4gig of ram, and the performance is excellent.

              Last I heard Wilcox was working with Nvida to improve OpenGL support which will benefit everyone concerned but I havent seen anything come from it yet.
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