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  • Mirror/Alignment Problem

    V3.7 MR2 - Windows XP - Catia V5 DCI
    As Shown Program: Cad X+ = Mach Z-, Cad Y+ = Mach X+ and Cad Z+ = Mach Y-
    Manual iterative align to model, DCC align to plane, line, point + rotation.
    As Shown Program works well.
    We never use CAD=Part, was instructed not to by B & S and have had few problems since.
    I mirror program in (model) "Z" (I always use model system to mirror - never had a problem - effectivly a "Y" mirror on machine).
    DCI will not mirror part, I mirror part in Catia (in "Z") and construct step file - no problem.
    I bring step file into mirrored program.
    Manual alignment works well, all features for DCC align inspect well too.
    As soon as I pass the Opposite DCC align, the probe no longer appears correct in graphics (off-line).
    On machine, the probe moves in the Machine X- direction, though Program Z plus is down and point vector = 0,0,-1, it is also off set in X, Y and Z from the actual part on machine, but not the part on the graphics window.
    If I add a point to the program, After DCC, all looks fine in the graphics and edit window, except the machine appears to have rotated 90 degrees about (actual) Machine "Y"
    I have never had this problem before and have mirrored a number programs now.
    It's almost as if the CAD to Mach parameters changed at the DCC alignment, I checked them, they did not.
    I know this may be difficult to follow - any ideas would be appreciated.

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    When you mirror you mirror about the Y, Correct? If I understand you correctly. And the CAD does not mirror? And why do you need the CAD if the program is already written? And it sounds as though the program runs just does not look right on the screen.
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      Mirror is Machine Y/Model Z
      I mirror program and model in Z
      Physically Part is mirror in Y on machine
      I bring the mirror of the CAD in, for graphical reasons only, to verify everything looks OK - as a reference.
      Opposite program runs fine till just after DCC align both on screen and off.
      On screen, Tip angle looks OK except whole PROBEPH10MQ assembly is rotated 90 degrees. Probe hits correct point on model on screen.
      On machine, probe misses part and probe approach vector is wrong (rotated 90 degrees)


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        When you mirror the program select ".PRG & .CAD" (in the drop down list). This will mirror the CAD at the same time it mirrors the program.


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          Try this. Save as xxxcad=part. And do a Cad=Equals part and see what happens. I know what you where told. But I am confident it will run.
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            Mirror; setup?

            Hello RussL

            After mirroring the program (I do this almost daily) have you checked the following;

            Minimize the edit window. Open the "setup options" window, go to "Part/Machine".
            Under part setup, select the appropriate Cad / Machine axis. Look at how you have your part set up versus the trihedron.
            After selecting click apply.

            I'm not sure if this is what you require. Good Luck.

            Best Regards,


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              I tried CAD equals PART - get iterative alignment error.
              I had checked Part/Machine setup because thats what appeared to be incorrect, but it was/is correct.


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                Note: I ended up re-constructing the opposite program skew (without using the mirror of the as shown program). I pasted all the CMM inspection points into the program from the mirror of the as shown program. This program works, looks identical to the mirror of the as shown program which does not work. I hope to send the two programs to B & S & ask them why one works and one does not, maybe it's a setting that is saved with the program, I can not locate any difference.


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                  did you start the program over, after you did the cad=part and doing a new manual alignment and all?
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