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    Well Wes, you are actually expecting LOGIC from B&S and WILCOX and HEXAGON? Quite a few years ago, when this SLOT thing hit me, I asked B&S about it, I asked them WHY can't a basic version of Pcdmis run the CODE from the full, expanded version of Pcdmis. I never got an answer. I also suggested it as an improvement for upcoming versions. It is a VERY good point. WHY can't they run it? Well, I don't know and I never heard anything more about it at the time or since then. We can probably all figure out why, and it is pretty much the answer to ALL the WHY questions we could ask of them, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. If they don't pay for the full version, they can't use functions/feature found in the full version.

    No big deal to me. If they eliminate the VECTOR point in ALL versions, then I will just use the surface point without the samples. But, Paul was trying to figure out how to explain to someone else WHY there are the two features and the answer is B&S wants the advanced functions and features of the SURFACE POINT kept away from people who do not want to pay for it. AND, it is easier (this I DO know) to add a seperate feature with added functions that to partially turn on functions within a feature, at least in my programming experience.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      Yes Matt, I am sure the $ is the answer. But it would be nice to know if there were some sort of a difference or not from B&S, Wilcox, &/or Hexagon. If you read the help menu blurbs they sound identical. Like you, I do not want the software doing *ANYTHING* I can't see. (e.g. the behind the scenes "mini" alignments with some trueposition options). And yes, I agree a new feature is easier from a programming standpoint, and that would be a fine answer from them. *BUT* the help menu ought to point out that surface point is only available in CAD++ and will not run in the stripped down version. OPPS. Sorry, there I go making sense again. As always Matt, thanks for sharing your vast experience.
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        If your writing a program to check multiple parts with no cad. You can use surface points to get the ijk on the first part and edit the program to vector points after the program is written. If you have cad just use vector points . this is how i do machine castings or details.

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