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  • auto vector point

    Strange thing happened..
    This is the first time something like this happened to me..
    I have my alignment set same as I do on all the other parts like it.
    I hit the auto vector point button and type in noms and direction
    Take 4 hits and build a plane with them..
    I do this over and over and over again almost everyday..

    I go to take hit 5 and switch vector to -1 for the other side and change the noms ..
    It goes backwards to who knows what number and takes bad hit nowhere near where it was supposed to go.. But if I change the nom to another landing location all is fine.
    I use no cad..
    I'm useing no variables
    It is only one landing it just does not like the nominal... lol ever hear of suck a thing or have it happen to you

    I've been over and over it it just does not like .34 with a -1,0,0
    it does .32 1,0,0 and 1.2 -1,0,0

    Starting over
    if you had soap on a rope it would be tied to yer ankle

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    Shut everything down reboot .. samething.
    Shut down started new program works fine... I think it must of had something to do with deleteing to many lines of code at one time..
    if that wasn't it............. no idea
    if you had soap on a rope it would be tied to yer ankle


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