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  • pcdmis running slow

    I am running PC-DMIS 3.6++ an out of the blue it seems to not be running correctly. I am loosing my edit, graphics, and tool bars. And after a few simple programs with very limited graphics it freezes up. I have been running these programs for over a year with no problems. Any advice would be welcomed.

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    3.6 was a total mess dont use it.


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      Hit task manager and see what is using your resources

      happened to me about 6 months ago and i had picked up a virus and that is with antivirus up running and updated


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        You need need a more powerful video card


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          This may not be it at all, but. . . .

          Have you re-booted your PC? Windows in general does not conserve resources very well. I've seen people with computer troubles, and then they tell me "the PC has been left on for the last 3 months, why?"

          Along that same line of thinking, do you get into and out of PC-DMIS frequently, or do you just leave it running all day long. Admittedly, it too can tie up valuable resources. Most notable among these is the PRINT buffer. This can be somewhat relieved by the PRINT command at the end of a program loop.

          Just thought I'd ask. . .


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