ACR1 Renishaw Probe Changer Rack

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  • ACR1 Renishaw Probe Changer Rack

    Is anybody that has aligned and calibrated ACR1 Rack?

    We were never able to make it work since we switched to PC-DMIS.

    Our system is as follows:

    Mitutoyo Bright Apex 710
    Probe Head PH10M
    Probe changers: ACR1 and MCR20
    All probes in use: TP2 (on ACR1) and TP20(on MCR20)
    PC-DMIS 3.7
    SolidWorks DCI

    Other than this PC-DMIS runs properly.

    Is the PC-DMIS supplier obligated to help us on this?. Actually thay are not supporting us. We have two licenses and a valid SMA.

    If somebody has experience and can do this we need to talk to you.

    Thank you.

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    Contacct info?

    How can I contact you? Send me a Private message with a phone # ( or post it here if you want it public) and I will try to get you started. . .


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      You can reach me at (403) 531-5077 or e-mail at bveiza[email protected]

      Thanks a lot!


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