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    when programming a circle from a distance it looks like a circle, when I zoom in to find nominals the circle looks like a cirlce of lines. Once before did I correct this, but six months later I just plum forgot. Please help me find this setting

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    You can change this by adjusting "Tessellation Multiplier Value", its under Edit>Preferences>Open GL

    I think you would want to try inputing a smaller number, the smaller the number the more its going to break the surfaces into smaller patches and thus rounder looking circles. The drawback to going smaller with the Tessellation is this will make your computer work harder at regenerating your graphics window.
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      The fact is that this is a visual thing ONLY. It doesn't effect anything but the way it looks in the CAD window. Personally I wouldn't do anything about it. My computer bogs down enough with PC-Dmis without forcing it to use higher quality graphics.



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        Thanks for the info, with PCDMIS having it's small problems and our server running thru wooden wires, I will leave it alone for now.



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