Dea Tutor P connected to Beta Sp CMM

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  • Dea Tutor P connected to Beta Sp CMM

    My Dea Controller just shows red light flashing under question mark when i turn key. Machine acts like is stop is set although both e-stops are disengaged (jog box and controller). Any help?

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    Try this

    1) Are you pushing the motor start button. On my controller this is the green push button next to the E stop button on the controller.
    2) Some time ago, I was having the same problem. When I would start up, the red led would go out, then a few seconds later come back on. It would come and go, sometimes just resetting the controller would fix it. I ended up finding a loose connection in the jog box. There are two places to check; both are plug in strips. The first is on the E stop button-that one seems to be prone to wiggle loose. The other is where the cable hooks to the board in the jog box. If you jog box made a trip to the floor recently, I'd bet one of these may have come loose.
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      Once I had same kind problem. X5 connector were not connected well. Try to check this connector / we found there was a space between the connector and the pins.If so , remove (cut) the connector and weld the cables directly to the pins. You may find this connector inside the controller , behind the transformator , right hand side-back.

      Another things to be checked ,
      * All cable connections behind the controller
      * Emergency leds -inside the controller , there is a emergency board, near the transformator , you may check its leds according to the scheme. (+/- Voltages,air supply etc etc)



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        Will try these and let you know how it turns out.


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          Loose connector.


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