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  • IDTF :Parity Error

    I just received an IDTF:Parity error, while running a program. This is the first time I've seen this type of error. Any ideas what is causing it?

    Brown and sharpe Excel 12.20.10
    Ver 3.5 no MR
    Sharpe 32 controller.

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    I heard about Parity on computer RAM !!! I am not sure is that same or another definition. Is your computer controller working alright?


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      Mid-afternoon yesterday I tried to run a program, but it would not run. I exited PCDMIS and restarted it, and received the CMM NOT RESPONDING error. I have received this before on 3 occasions, the last 2 times a complete reboot, (controller and computer) and it was business as usual. The first time it ever happened we had to have a new HD and motherboard installed on the controller (2004).
      I tried rebooting several times yesterday with no success, called support, left a message, and I'm currently waiting for a return call.
      This morning, I tried it again and everything was OK, at first, then I got the Parity error while running a program.


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        Do you have a SMA agreement. ?????
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          Is this an error generated by PCDMIS or one generated by your Computer(ie Windows)
          Links to my utilities for PCDMIS


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            We have an SMA, and it is a PCDMIS generated error.


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