SP25s FCR25 toolchanger slot definition

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  • SP25s FCR25 toolchanger slot definition

    I have a Global-F Cmm with SP25 probe, 1 SM1 , 1 SM2 , 1 SM3 Module and its FCR25 Toolchanger.

    Toolchanger has 6 slots ; 3 for Holders(SHs) and 3 for Modules (SMs).

    I want to use one SM3 for 2 different SH3 configuration. I have to use the same name for the holder and for the module. Is it possible to assign 2 different SM- I mean probe name- to the same slot?

    I'm happy!
    Global Performance 153314
    PC-DMIS CAD++ V_2009_MR1
    sigpicAre these lines parallel?

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    The toolchanger slot definitions are designed to support multiple names for cases like this. Mererly pull down the slot name list and select one probe name, then pull it down again and select another. When you expand the slot list you should see both names.

    This is the same scenario for when you have multiple racks. You might have an SP600 in an ACR1 which is used with 3 separate SP600 "pucks" in another rack. The ACR1 would have all 3 names in the single slot, while the SCR600 would have one name for each of the 3 slots.


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