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    Good morning all,

    Running 3.7, mr3. (Sp25 Probe)
    When executing programs in operator mode and a probe change is required it will sometimes try to put away probes in the wrong slot. We have instructed operators to use extreme caution when executing programs. Sometimes this works but have had cases that it wasn't caught.
    Has anyone experienced this?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, Jay Gus

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    I have seen the same problem with an SP600. The problem is the "current loaded probe" is stored in the registry. When you are in program mode changing things sometimes the registry gets the a probe loaded into it that isnt ACTUALLY in the machine ( example changin probes in a .prg but not executing the command ). Another thing that will screw you up is canceling out of a program B4 its completed all the way. If pc dmis reads a probe change but never gets a chance to actually do the change there could be a problem. The only way we found to avoid a crash into a full rack slot is to have the "currently loaded probe" prompt pop up OR make the operators run SLO to the first tool change....
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