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  • PC-DMIS w/ Vista

    Does anybody know if PC-DMIS will play nice with Windows Vista??

    Just wondering....
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    I think we should all wait to see if VISTA will play nice by itself first, then add the pcdemon to it and stand back

    I will personally wait for service pack 1 on Vista before I even jump in
    That way all the device drivers will have been tweeked by then and DirectX10 will be tested as well.

    my .02
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      From all of the Windows releases between 95 to Vista. Vista has to be the only one I really havent been all that excited about. XP has been working for me and I havent seen a really good reason to go from 32bit to 64bit yet. Im sure given a few years there may be a good enough reason to migrate, until then if the computer doesnt already come with it I can wait to upgrade.
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        A freind of mine is playing with a beta version of vista...says its a memory hog. It takes up 10 gigs of hd space and was told not to run it without atleast a gig of ram. But he did say thast from what he's seen it seems real nice.
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