Using True Position w/ version 4.1

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  • Using True Position w/ version 4.1

    I believe I have created all of the features i need and have everything set up correctly. When i am in the True Position dialog box, I have datums created and the feature control frame set up as i need it. I hit create and in the report window I get everything output except a measured value for TP.

    I'm not sure what I am doing wrong and all the help files I've found must be for an older version of PC-DMIS because the dialog boxes and options shown in them are not like the ones i'm dealing with in 4.1.

    Any suggestions? I would appreciate them.

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    Open up your report.

    Then right click on a blank space at the bottom of your report.

    Click on Edit.

    Then check, "Use Text mode Dimension Reporting"

    This will make the new style dimensions appear like the legacy style, and give you a summary answer that you likely looking for.

    Another method is to use the actual legacy dimesions. Before you dimension Check, from the drop down menu "Insert>Dimesion>Use Legacy Dimensions"

    If you are using a pattern of features, the newer style dimension are probably going to give you a better result, or if you find it necessary to use material condition modifiers on your FCF datums.

    Otherwise the Legacy style dimensions will likely be better to use until they get all of the bugs worked out of the new style dimensions.

    Good luck
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      I think I know what you are trying to tell us here. XactMeasure GD&T gives this line and it reports 0.00000 under the MEAS heading. Hexagon told me that the TP is reported under DEV. So I have been using the number under DEV ever since as my TP. Looking at my data, I think it is correct.

      I also believe this to be peculiar, if not confusing, but I was told that that is exactly the way Hexagon thinks it ought to be.

      By the way: I have not heard of any changes to this in V4.2 (so this peculiarity remains in, as far as I know). Going back to legacy style dimensions is ONLY an option, if you do NOT have virtual conditions on your reference datums. If you do have that, you will have to use XactMeasure GD&T.


      Bye the way, please fill out all your User CP data! Makes it so much easier for us when we try to be helpful....
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