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    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions, praise or complaints about a certain type of modular fixturing system. We are going to be buying a new CMM with Quindos 7 on it and need to purchase fixturing. Right now we have dedicated fixtures for each of our parts for our other 2 CMM’s. We want to go to a fixturing system that is easy to set up for new parts, and still able to be used quickly and efficiently to check our parts that are currently in production. The 3 modular systems that I have seen are Rayco, American Modular Tooling, and TE-CO. I was hoping someone might be able to share some of their wisdom and experience about these systems.

    Thanks for any help

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      We have Rayco, which works well with our type of product- surgical implants, and instruments (small parts).

      We looked at Paul Marino fixturing, which was really nice stuff, but it was geared more for larger items and it was pretty expensive.

      Good luck
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        I purchased the "Alufix" system and I love it. I use it on the touch probe CMM, the vision system, and also figured out a way to use it with the force tester. Some engineers here used it with the laser interferometer. I don't work with huge parts but I haven't found anything I couldn't fixture with it. It takes a little while to learn just how flexible it is.
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          I forgot, I figured out that if I avoided having our in house machine shop make somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 dedicated fixtures that would pay for the "basic set 3" plus a 125 mm keyless chuck, which is sweet, and an extra "small connector set". After that any fixturing I avoid making would result in savings.
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