Using Cad elements To translate origin

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  • Using Cad elements To translate origin

    Hi Gang,
    Lets say I have a pt with 2 perpendicular lines off in space in the CAD model. Ive already accomplished CAD equals part and I am at the end of my program and I want to move my x,y,z origin to a cad pt and align to CAD lines without taking a measurement. I want to do this so I can report existing features from this new origin and alignment. Can this be done and if so how?

    Any direction is surely appreciated.

    Thanks ~ Gary
    sigpicThanks a Millionth

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    Yes it can be done and it's very easy. Simply create the features from CAD that you want to align to, but don't measure them. That leaves them all at CAD nominal. Build your alignment from the features; now dimension the features you want to report from this alignment. The danger here is that at some later date if you run the program again it will try to measure these features. Another problem is that the next time you set up to run the program, the features will be off the part and you will need to reset them to their nominal by F9 them. A way around the measuring problem is to create a LABLE (end) at the end of the program and a GOTO (goto end) to that lable before they are created. There may be other ways to accomplish what you want, but this works just fine for me.



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      Construct a point at origin, it will always re-generate at XYZ 0 everytime you run the program, construct offset points from the origin point, they also will re-gen at the correct XYZ everytime you run the program, create your alignment from the constructed points.
      Originally posted by AndersI
      I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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