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  • Straying scans

    I was under the impression that if you were picking the scan points off of a CAD model that it would omit the holes and only stay on the CAD surface that you picked. I currently have a saddle that has a elevated area where wire will be plowed and I tried to perform the scan (Patch, Linear Open, and Linear closed) but it will not stay on the surface that I have highlighted and it does not omit the center hole. I am currently using Version 3.5 MR1 with a microexcel with a MIP head. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I dont believe PCDMIS is collision(or non collision in your case) aware.
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      I know that this si not true for 3.7 and below..for linear open/closed scans you dont even have to pick the surfaces... I would suggest breaking up the scans and creating a feature set. You might get what you want with section scans, but they are a little mopre involved.
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        I think this was for version 4.0 and later I went to the class and I thought he said that to the person I went with.
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          I think you guys may be thinking about a perimeter scan
          those follow the edge of a model and will go around ID's etc
          have not used em much


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