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  • Boom Boom
    Sometimes the feature is not missing it just has a surface laying over the top of the CAD model. Try Delete CAD option in PC-dims, just have the surfaces box ticked and click on the surface of your model near where the missing feature should be and delete. You can always undo if not successful.

    Sometimes the designer forgets to clean up the model.


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  • BSchwark
    I have that problem once in awhile. Seems to depend on our customer and are engineering department and what translation may or may not have happen. I seem to have more luck with IGS. than STP., but I use both. I would try the same thing with IGS and see what happens.


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  • Andrew Gardner
    I haven't had a problem with Pro/E, but I do have issues with UG created files. I usually have to bring them into Solidworks, and re-export them out as .igs in order to have a usable model. I'm stuck at 3.2063 though.

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  • wingardh
    started a topic Step from Pro/E

    Step from Pro/E


    I have some problen importing step-models from Pro/E.
    A lot of surfaces are missing ,especially chamfers.
    Anyone else having this problem? (3.5mr2)

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