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  • CAD graphics window Large arrows

    In addition to my CAD part and the part origin arrows
    I have very Large red and yellow arrows appearing
    in my graphics window.
    They don't appear to react to hit deviations switch or
    other settings I have tried to get them off the display.
    I can program my part features ok if I can see them.
    Any suggestions?

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    Are you looking at wireframe or solid.Can you go into delete cad features & left click with mouse & grab them & delete.????

    I'm looking at 3.2063 version
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      CAD display Arrows

      I am looking at either the solid or the wire frame without
      any change in the display of these large red
      and yellow arrows.


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        Sounds like you have dimensioned a feature and have checked the graphical box in the analysis view. Sometimes if the dimensions are say at the end of your program and you have only part ran or have been amending something upstream, the deviations appear to be massive and show as huge red and yellow arrows.

        Either rerun your program offline to reset everything or look thru your dimensions and turn the graphical analysis off.

        Hope this helps


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          You got it

          thank you sir,

          This was the situation.
          I had graphical analysis set on my manual alignment elements
          with a multiplier of 10. Opps.

          Best Regards


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