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  • Carbon Fiber 8mm by 300mm

    I'm having problems calibrating the subject stylus using PC-DMIS 4.1 with an SP600. I keep getting an error stating that the defection matrix couldn't be calculated. I have used this setup in earlier version of PC-DMIS. Has something changed in the software?

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    Brice are you trying to calibrate your lower matrix with 300mm of length of extension between sp600 and your head, or do you have 300mm on the end of you sp600. Either way that is to long. Go with the 8mmx50 that should have come with the sp600 to do the lower matrix. Also I got the same error message when I did my lower matrix, and I was told to ignore it. (see your other post)
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      No I did the lower matrix with the 8mm by 50mm.

      I have used the 8mm by 300mm in the past without any problems. The standard deviation and ruby diam were out but check the result on a ring gage and it reported the proper size.


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        I think it has something to do with the Opt.Probe parameters, edit>preferences>parameters. I found some documentation from B&S about the Lower Matrix, in the document it had different parameter. I changed to the ones in the document and it made things worse. It seems like B&S should have some kind of document explaining the influence of the parameters on the software. The SP600 works well with styli that are 100mm or less. I thought I saw on the renishaw website that the SP600 could carry up to 300mm with the extended module. I now see that they are saying 280mm/20grams. Maybe I'm outside the envelope, but I know I used this stylus before with good results.

        Any thoughts on the parameters?


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