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  • Scan point processing.

    Good morning.

    I am running Ver 3.7mr3, on a Scirocco, with a SP600 and my problem is this:-

    I recently acquired a new PC and set DMIS up on it with no problems, that's until today.

    I am scanning a part of no bigger than, lets say, 3" by 2", with linear and patch scans. My scan point density is 5, and my scanspeed is 5.
    I create and execute the scan, this works fine until it finishes, then the probe hangs suspended while the points are being processed. I think there may be some problem with the TCP/IP settings but I have no idea deal, what or where I can find them?

    Does anybody have an inkling?

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    What spec is the PC ?

    I run a SP25M using scanspeed 10mm/sec with point density of 10 and this works fine, it takes slightly longer to process if I check the show hits button before scanning


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      It's don't think it's the PC, this is an AMD Athlon 3700+.
      1 gig ram, 512 radeon graphics card. How do the points get from the controller to the PC, could this be the problem?

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