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  • Error in DCC mode?


    it happens again: each time I want to measure a sphere (in DCC) in a iterative alignment , or when I want to measure a "auto vector point" in DCC, the machine stops and PCDMIS shows me an error:


    It seems to be a problem only in DCC mode because we have measured our parts "manually" whitout any problem.

    I have tryed what James Mannes said:
    "Look in EDIT>>PREFERENCES>>SETUP. In the window that allows you to check and uncheck preferred items look for FIND NOMINALS DURING EXECUTION. If it is checked and you are doing an iterative alignment this may be your problem (uncheck it). Also, same area, look for FIND NOMINALS. If checked, unchck it. Run your program.", succesfully!!

    I have tryed with other part succesfully!!

    But with another part doesn't work, what happens???

    3.7 mr1 without SMA

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    try this measure the tooling balls - manualy
    make sure you are typing in the nominals - using auto sphere
    create best fit 3d
    then try an iterative in dcc measure all always
    DR Watson shut me down again !!!! :mad: Smoke break:eek:


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