Z axis encoder error?

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  • Z axis encoder error?

    What is a Z axis encoder error? This is the first time I've ssen one.

    PC DMIS 4.1
    ITOA 2204

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    What does the error say?


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      The encoder is the component that reads the scale. An encoder error is frequently caused by debris on the scale, preventing the encoder from reading properly. About 90% of the time the error can be cleared by cleaning the scale with alcohol on a cotton swab (with the machine powered down). If you still have the error after restarting the machine, your encoder may need to be replaced.
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        The error only reads
        PDF: Z axis encoder error
        I tried the alcohol & cleaning if off, but it didn't work, I can't even get it to do a machine start this error pops up everytime I try to start PC DMIS.


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          Sounds to me like cleaning isn't going to help. All I can suggest is call for service.


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            It may be out of adjustment. Depending on the machine, you may or may not have a little plastic 'thingie' that will sit over the scales (WITHOUT touching the scales) and you put that in places, then loosen and adjust the reader itself and it should then work again. IT sets the gap and the alignment pretty well for the reader.
            Originally posted by AndersI
            I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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              As the lads said usually cleaning the scale with alcohol works, if not you might need to reset your z axis. I had to do this on a Global once, it's fairly simple to do and an engineer talked me through it over the phone. I don't think he was supposed to do that though as I had to use his password to log in and change settings. If you have a support contract ask nicely then try shouting.
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                I have one MicroVal that we have trouble with the Y and Z encoders. I can usually clean the scales and the encoder and normally that fixes it. I had to have B&S service talk me through calibrating the encoder once and that helped.
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