Password protecting PCDMIS "Online"

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  • Password protecting PCDMIS "Online"

    Looking for ways to prohibit monkeys from running PCDMIS Online and screwing with programs.

    Does anyone know if Operator Mode relies on the "Online" executable? Reason is that I was thinking about using network security policies to do this but if it relies on access to the online version then it won't work?

    Anyone else have this kind of thing implemented?
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    yes it uses online I think, I hit my IT guy last month for the same thing. Another ball dropped by wilcawks...........
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      try changing the attributes of the file to "read only"
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        It uses the ONLINE EXE file, but with a modifier, "/O" I think is how it does it.
        Originally posted by AndersI
        I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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          Try this.

          Back up everything. Move PC-DMIS to somewhere other than c:\program files. Delete the shortcuts on the desktop. Delete the shortcut in the start menu. Navigate to the folder where you moved PC-DMIS to. Right click on the .exe for "online" mode. Click on "create shortcut". Name the shortcut so that you know what it is but monkeys will not - do yourself a favor by naming it something like AAA123 or ZZZ123 so it will always be at the top or bottom of the list. Do not place this shortcut on the desktop but maybe just on C:. Right click on the .exe for "online" mode. Click on properties. At the bottom check the box for "hidden". Right click on the .exe for operator mode. Click create shortcut. Drag this shortcut to the desktop. Go to "tools" at the top of the window. Select "folder options". Select the "view" tab. Find where it says "hidden files and folders". Check "do not show hidden files and folders". Click "OK". Close all windows.

          Now, when you want to start "online" mode you will have to navigate through "my computer" to the folder where your shortcut is hidden and find your "secret" shortcut to pc-dmis.

          If you are running XP make sure that it doesn't show up in your recently used programs list. If it does, every time you use it, right click on it in the list and click "remove from this list"

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