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  • Software Issues

    I am currently using version 3.5 Maintenence release 1. I am attempting to import a solid model produced in Solidworks Version 7. It does not appear that is able to import the solid model as it is. I am guessing the newest version of solidworks and this old of a version is having conflicts. My question is this "Is an Iges format a better way to go? Are there any issues that anyone would know of with this method?" Thanks in advance.

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    Do you have the DCI or DCT option? No problems that I'm aware of otherwise. Use the IGES or Step.


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      I have vs3.2063, and have no problem with .igs or .stp files out of Solidworks 2007. Usually, I have better luck with .igs files.
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        Importing problems

        I tried to import the IGES file and the following error came up. I tried writing the program in inches and millimeters. Any ideas.

        Robot Clamp.pdf

        In case the attachment doesn't work. It says "Cannot add CAD data. Active program and CAD data have different units"

        Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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          Metric Cad and inch program or vice versa
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