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    it ocurrs since yesterday: each time I want to measure a sphere (in DCC) in a iterative alignment , or when I want to measure a "auto vector point" in DCC, the machine stops and PCDMIS shows me an error:


    It seems to be a problem only in DCC mode because we have measured our parts "manually" whitout any problem.

    Have I to reeinstall the software?
    In this case which cautions have I to take?

    PCDMIS 3.7 MR1
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    More than likely the CMM is trying to measure outside of the machine's limits. You need to set the coordinate system on the part manually then run the program in DCC once. Then "unmark" your manual points and it should run just fine.
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      Secondary comment, if possible you should upgrade to version 3.7mr3, a much more stable version of pcdmis.



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        it happens even with the part "very " well aligned.



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          Look in EDIT>>PREFERENCES>>SETUP. In the window that allows you to check and uncheck preferred items look for FIND NOMINALS DURING EXECUTION. If it is checked and you are doing an iterative alignment this may be your problem (uncheck it). Also, same area, look for FIND NOMINALS. If checked, unchck it. Run your program.

          James Mannes


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            how can I get version MR3??
            In this case, which cautions have I to take to reeinstall the software?



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              Run the program with the Probe Readout window open.

              When the error occurs again. Look in the Command drop down to determine where the machine is trying to move next. Then without closing the program see if you can manually move the probe to that X,Y,Z location. More likely then not the probe desired XYZ is going to be outside of the machine's coordinate system.

              This may mean that your program is screwed. If so youll have to fix each feature or insert a new alignment that will correct the problem.

              3.7 MR3 is avaliable to download from the Wilcox PCDMIS web site. However you will likely need an up to date SMA on your portlock to use it.
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                Make sure your touch, scanning, move speeds etc are not higher than permitted for your controller. If I program offline I normally set them to max just to run the program as quick as possible but if I forget to set them back before going online I get the same message

                Good Luck


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