What is a Hasp driver

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  • Matthew D. Hoedeman
    The hasp driver is the software that tells your computer how and where and what to look for in the donlge lock for Pcdmis.

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  • Jeffrey Lovely
    started a topic What is a Hasp driver

    What is a Hasp driver

    I Had to update my HASP driver
    what is this and what does it do?
    I have had some minor software problems since

    1) tip did not rotate during iterative - manual - "measure once"
    happened one time only - runs ok now

    2) display hits for circles
    sometimes box is empty - does not update after changing start/end angles
    after close and reopening-with f9

    did not have this before instal of new hasp driver
    so wondering if there is part of the problem.

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