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  • Slow to respond to printer

    I am using 4.1 with a 1.8 gig processor and 1 gig memory and after the program is finished it takes up to 1min 30 seconds to start printing my report any ideas on how to speed it up or is it time to get new computers?
    PH10MQ------ TP200
    CHAMELEON 15-30-10
    PCDMIS 2010

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    If you are printing through a serial cable (RS232?), that is more than likely your problem. Go to a USB cable and that should help.
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      I agree with James. Especially if your portlock is on the printer port and not a USB dongle. I had all kinds of trouble printing when the printer was plugged into my portlock and the portlock plugged into the computer. Sometimes it wouldn't print. Sometimes it would delay (like you are seeing). I couldn't run programs while printing. On and on and on. I switched to a USB printer and all those problems are gone.


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        That I have to agree with USB printer is the way to go. No problems here after I switched.
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          USB printer.

          Ditto, ditto, & ditto. I would even get lock ups when printing through the dongle. 15 bucks for a USB cable was a WAY cheap fix.
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            Do you have your CAD model active during the analyze? I found that for certain large models, the analysis-time can be very high. Just rename your model so PC-DMIS starts the program without it and you will see your processing time go way down.

            Solved this problem for me.

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