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    Noob question here. I have a part with data sheet providing (X,Y) points along a profile. What would be the best method to check this. I have been trying to use autofeatures, but there probably is a better way to check this. I am using Ver. 3.206 *sigh* Need to get updated. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    Hello HMI,

    Do you have cad data available?

    Are the profile points along an edge? If so, then using "edge point" in autofeatures would be the way to go.
    This way you can take a surface hit, then set your depth for your edge point.



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      if the profile you are going to measure is on a 3D surface then you will need to be using a CAD model to obtain the nominals to measure the deviation of individual auto surface/vector points. dimension T and spilt your geometric profile tolerance in half (profile of 3mm = ±1.5mm) for a bilateral callout. open auto vector point and click on the CAD model and it will give you the nominal.

      if your print calls out a profile on something that is square and gives a liner nominal dimension then you can plug in the nominal manually and it is not necessary to have a CAD model. you can create a feature set from the points and use the profile dimension in pc-dmis.

      if your SMA is paid for then by all means download and install a later version, i sugest version 3.7MR3.

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        You should need i,j besides x,y if you can not get a CAD model.
        PC-DMIS 3.7 mr3


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          Now my next question is...I want to probe in an X,Y motion. What should my settings be? I know if I change the vector options it will change my probe rotation. I want to probe at A0. and B0. and hit the side of the probe. Not quite sure yet. Probably missing something simple.


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            very important thing that needs to be known before answering the question.

            are you using CAD?

            cuz it will make it alot easier if you are.


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              I have a CAD file and not sure how to use it to inspect anything. Mostly to this point it has all been manually inspection. I am able to create programs to run in automatic mode. If I knew how to integrate a CAD file into what I am doing I imagine this would be easy. Is this difficult to do?


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                Input cad and click on "MERGE" Then use the Wireframe Modwe not Surface.

                You can also in the auto measure Mode type in the X,Y and click on the box to the left of the Z and use FIND. Make sure you are in the correct working plane, and make sure your vectors are correct or you will crash the Probe. You can switch back and forth from Suface and Edge Points, but once again keep and a close eye to the Vectors.
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                  Thank you! That worked. I need to get in and use CAD models since I use them every single day in my other duties of CNC programming. (solidworks/surfcam) Frustrating not knowing how to use them. Thanks again!


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