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    I was out for a day from work and other individuals attempted to use the CMM for an inspection. When I returned, they said they couldn't get the inspection report to print out. (they failed to check that they were out of paper) However, in their attempts to figure out why it wasn't printing , they have turned something off or deleted something that controls printing an inspection report.
    I have been trying to figure out what the problem is to include writing a new program. Whatever they did has affected anything that was created on or after the date I was gone. I have checked my Printing Preferences (they are set the way they should be) and have "marked" items in my programs that shoud specifically print once the program has ran. Nothing has worked to this point and I have a call into tech support. In the meantime, does anyone out there in CMM land have an answer that can assist me. Thanks to all....

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    what ver are you running
    Big Al ;) :p
    Global 5-7-5
    Windows XP
    Ver 4.2


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      This particular problem is all on on pc-dmis V3.7 Release. I haven't seen the problem on any of the programs that have been created on V3.7 mr 1 or 2, or on V4.1.


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        So, your printer is working, correct? You can get things to print from programs created in earlier versions? It is just any program you create now will not print?


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          You can try print to a .pdf file, then print the file to paper.
          PC-DMIS 3.7 mr3


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