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  • Serial I/O to USB Adaptor

    Does anyone know if you can use Serial I/O to USB adaptors for the CMM and Probe controller connections so that you can connect to the USB ports?

    The reason I ask this, is because newer machines are moving away from the standard I/O ports in favor of USB.

    Also if it is doable, will the standard printer portlock still work or will a USB portlock be needed?

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    In regards to the I/O it may depend on your drivers I can't speak much about it to be honest. In regards to the portlock though that would be between you and B&S. There is much perception here as to what that answer should be but I'd bet the only way to find out is to talk to God and see if he has any pull with B&S. They would be the ones that you'd have to work with on "trading" your serial port lock for a USB one. If you have a local/regional guy that sells and or services machines/PCDMIS that would be the first place I'd call. Standard printer portlock should work regardless of how you communicate with the machine controls.

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      Yes you can if you are using WIN XP and the software that you are using for the serial comm allows you to set a different com port.

      The "printer port lock" uses LPT1 not the serial port. So that should not be a problem
      Links to my utilities for PCDMIS


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