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  • Help - need programs!!!

    Hi Everyone - I am an Ops Manager for an aerospace components manufacturer in North Carolina. We have a B&S Global CMM with a second on the way. We are a new start up business and are absolutely choking on new parts coming through Quality. Unfortunately, even though we have been through some of the programming training, my resources can't keep up with the current backlog. I'm looking for a programming source that could provide programs ASAP. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks

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    I'm not sure where you are located, but you could try contacting S.I.S. in Dayton, Ohio. You can find their webpage by searching for Supplier Inspection Services on Google...
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      Brown & Sharpe also offers programming and contract inspection services.
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        There is also someone posting for contract programming on this web site. I don't know them nor can I recommend them, but I did notice the post.



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          Thanks to everyone for the response to my post. I have also received some emails from people offering services, and it appears that I will find exactly the help I am looking for. Great forum!


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            Brown & Sharpe in Charlotte does a pretty good job contract programming. They also have contacts for others.

            We are in Spartanburg, SC. The boss may talk to you about contract work.

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