CAD file doesn't open with program

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  • CAD file doesn't open with program

    Lately and only lately my CAD files don't open with the program it's from, I have to re-import either the CAD file or STP or IGS. Anyone have a clue as to what might be happening? I am using ver. 2012 MR1 DCC

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    The names of the .CAD file and the .PRG file have to be identical and in the same folder.
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      Maybe you renamed the program file (.prg) and forgot to rename the .cad file?
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        If you get it off of a server, did the IT re-arrange things? Did you move things around on your computer and forget to take the CAD program with the move?, After you bring the new CAD model in and close the program and bring it back up, Is the model still there? Video card on the fritz? Since your in Colorado are you on any of that recreational stuff?
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