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  • Looking for options on reporting

    I am looking for some ideas on reporting.

    It should be able to show the CAD model and labeling of the holes. I need to show arrows in the direction of the holes deviation (location) that are visible no matter if it is right at nominal or if it is out 2mm. It would also have to update from run to run on its own vs. entering something manual.

    We are running 3.7MR2, are there better options in 4.1?
    Is visual basic (which I have no clue about) the option or is there a 3rd party software that would work great with pcdmis?

    If anybody has any options and maybe could scan me a sample of what they use to show the output that would be great.

    Thank you

    Basically its your time to show off with your cool reports!!! Let's see them!!

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