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    Was wondering if any of you could lend me some advice. I've only had limited exposure to scanning and have done maybe 2 linear scans with success. I'm not expecting anyone to give me a full blown training session on scans, just maybe some advice on which scan to choose and the starting basics. In the past, with trial and error, I usually figure these things out and fine tune them with the past posts from this forum but this one I can't get started. If I did the attachment correctly, I would like to do a scan of the part measuring from top to bottom completely around the part starting with upper cone, then radius, then middle cone, radius and finally bottom cone. Would apprieciate any advice if this type of scanning is possible.

    Remember, just the quick basics to get me started, I don't expect someone to have the time to train me online here. When I run into problems maybe I can re-post with the errors I get.

    Thanks in advance

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    couple of questions?

    1. Which version are you using
    2. What type of probe...tp20?sp600?

    Let me know these and I'll get you going.........



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      Sorry.... ver3.6, but have access to 3.5 also, with a TP2


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        You can do a series of linear closed scans or you could scan from top to bottom and then copy and paste with pattern. If you do closed scans from top to bottom you need to go into the scan dialog box and teach the boundry points and then adjust the z so that they are exactly the same. I would also even the vectors so that you do not drift away from the line you start.
        B&S GI 10-7-10
        3.7 MR3


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          See attachment and follow along..... this is for a scan .1" from the bottom of the cone assuming the bottom is z0
          1. chose a linearclosed scan
          2. pick line scan .05 inc.
          3. set your boundry condition
          4. click on #1 button and select a point close to the scan location (.1" in this case.
          5. then click on cad model again fairly close to the #1 ..this will define the scan direction
          6. click on the cut vector and make the cut vector 0,0,1
          7. Set the rest of the settings the same way as the picture and then hit generate.
          8. Click OK when done
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            Thanks, I'll keep ya posted


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              Thanks... worked out well, now I'll have to play with these scans more often. I would have gotten back to you sooner, but Monday was opening day for the Cincinnati Reds, wow, lots a Bud and Jag bombs, I had to use my option on Tuesday.

              Thanks again


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